The minimum wage in Manitoba will be rising by $0.65 an hour on April 1, 2023. 

By October, Manitobans making minimum wage will be making $3.35 per hour more than they were in September 2022. Labour and Immigration Minister Jon Reyes made the announcement today. 

"Recognizing the exceptional financial challenges facing Manitobans, our government passed legislative amendments to the Employment Standards Code that, in prescribed circumstances, allow minimum wage to be increased by an additional amount above the legislated inflation-tied formula," says Reyes. 

In October, the minimum wage will jump another $1.15 per hour, reaching $15.30 as the new minimum wage. 

"To balance the financial realities of Manitoba workers and the economic challenges for small businesses, we implemented a phased-in approach that will help more Manitobans get ahead."

These increases project Manitoba to be top three in provincial minimum wages.

A program to assist small businesses was also announced called Small Business Minimum Wage Adjustment Program. Small businesses are able to apply until March 31 and it will take effect in October when the increase to minimum wage kicks in. Those approved will be offered a one-time lump sum payment.