With the provincial election just days away, the PC government is promising to provide millions of dollars to Winnipeg transit to improve safety and make routes more accessible. 

If re-elected, the PCs plan to provide $8.8 million over four years toward new Winnipeg Transit routes in underserved and growing areas of Winnipeg.

Andrew Smith, PC candidate for Lagimodière made the announcement on Thursday saying the PC team wants to see Winnipeg flourish.

“Expanding new transit lines into fast-growing, underserved areas on the outskirts of Winnipeg will encourage more people to use transit, help grow our population, and put us on the path to our Vision 2030 goals.”

He continued saying the a re-elected PC government would also provide $2.2 million annually to support the Aurora, Castlebury Meadows, and Waterford Green transit lines in northern Winnipeg, as well as the Prairie Pointe transit line in Waverley West, Smith noted.

“The closest bus stop to where I live is a 40-minute walk away,” said Catalina Garcia, a constituent in McPhillips. “I’m so glad Sheilah and the PCs are taking access to transit options in my community seriously. This will help me get to work a lot easier.”

Advanced polls have opened and the provincial election will be held on October 3rd, 2023.