In an effort to expedite primary care and alleviate pressure on the province's health care system, the Manitoba Tories are promising to expand primary care at pharmacies if re-elected.

James Teitsma, PC candidate for Radisson, made the announcement Tuesday, saying right now, the only option to treat many minor and common ailments is to visit your doctor or walk-in clinic. 

"This can be inconvenient and cause delays," said Teitsma.“Now, if your kid has strep throat or an infection, instead of a trip to the doctor, you can walk into your local pharmacy, get assessed at no cost, and walk out with a prescription. This will save time and money, improve access, and increase productivity in our health care system.”

Teitsma mentioned that if re-elected, the PC government will expand primary care at pharmacies, allowing pharmacists to treat common conditions such as strep throat, pink eye, minor skin infections, tick bites, sprains and strains and painful menstrual periods. They will also help with enhanced management of chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes. 

“Access to primary care is essential to living a quality and healthy life, no matter where you live in Manitoba. Pharmacists are well-trained, capable, and highly regulated but underutilized in Manitoba,” said Teitsma. “Allowing them to provide more primary care services to Manitobans will relieve pressure on our health-care system and connect patients and families with more care closer to home.”

Pharmacists and regulators will be consulted on the full scope of care before implementation.