After a balmy start to winter, the province announced today that the majority of Manitoba's winter road system has finally opened. 

Typically operational from mid-January to mid-March, the network's accessibility depends on weather conditions.

“Manitoba’s winter road system is a crucial transportation route for many northern communities,” said Infrastructure Minister Lisa Naylor. “Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure is dedicated to providing safe winter road routes as soon as weather conditions allow. Despite milder temperatures in December and January, our government is pleased to announce the opening of these vital routes.” 

Manitoba's winter roads span 2,375 kilometres across muskeg, streams, rivers and lakes and are constructed on natural terrain of land and ice. The roads serve over 30,000 Manitobans in 22 communities, facilitating over 2,500 shipments of goods annually.

Timelines of completion for all roads are dependent on weather conditions. Certain sections may undergo sudden closures for repairs due to changing weather conditions.