The Manitoba Conservatory of Music and Arts (MCMA) strives to enhance communities by providing accessibility and excellence in music education.

And, moving forward, they will be doing so under the leadership of a new executive director. 



“Very exciting stuff going on around here and just very excited to get into this new role,” says Heitha Forsyth reflecting on the first few days in her new role. 

A trained music therapist who has worked as a voice instructor with the MCMA since 2013, Forsyth is a force in the Winnipeg music scene — better known by her stage moniker, Sol James — who plans on bringing a performer’s energy and creativity to the administrative position. 

“I think that will really serve me well in this role, as I pivot and focus that energy on the Manitoba Conservatory of Music and Arts and all the wonderful programs they already have in place,” says Forsyth, whom audiences can continue to see perform in addition to her added duties at MCMA. 

Taking over from the recently retired Norine Harty, Forsyth credits Harty’s “incredible” leadership in positioning the MCMA as a “well-run, well-oiled machine.”

“All of the initiatives, all of the community that (Harty) has built here, it’s just wonderful to come along and move into that,” says Forsyth. 

Keenly aware of the power of music, Forsyth hopes to continue to grow the presence and accessibility of music in the lives of Manitobans through music appreciation and education through the MCMA.

Ranging from private one-on-one instruction to group classes, the Manitoba Conservatory of Music and Arts presents a variety of musical opportunities to students of all ages and abilities. 

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