Winnipeg’s foremost daytime concert and lecture series is set to return with the 2024 edition.  

For over 25 years, Music 'N’ Mavens has been delighting and engaging afternoon audiences at the Rady JCC Asper Campus.


“I’ve always felt that the desire to get out during the daytime is greater than in the evenings when it gets cold and dark during our winter (in Winnipeg),” says founding producer Karla Berbrayer.  

“Whenever it gets bitterly cold outside, I think to myself ‘It must be Music 'N’ Mavens time.’”  

Coinciding with the arrival of chillier temperatures in town, the series – which opens on January 9 and runs through March 28 – offers audiences an escape from the cold through stimulating lectures and energizing performances with a wide array of topics covered and genres explored.  

In all, 9 speakers and 12 musical acts will grace the Berney Theatre stage at the Rady JCC.  

Topics such as international relations, regional interests, and local architecture will be discussed. Musically, everything from Bach to bossa nova will be featured. 

Concert tickets are $12 + GST for non-Rady JCC members, with both 6-concert and 10-concert passes available.  

All events take place at 2 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.  

To learn more or purchase tickets, visit:  

Music-N-Mavens-brochure-for-web-Dec19.pdf (