A Winnipeg woman is using the gift of a Christmas tree and ornaments to spread joy this holiday season.

"I believe that Christmas always starts with a tree and decorations," said Kim Kabel. "That's how it started in my family. I believe that the tree and decorating leads to other miracles. It spreads kindness and hope."

This is an initiative that Kim started three years ago amid the pandemic. Using her social media as a tool, Kabel reaches out with requests to local community groups to collect the items needed.

"I'm the voice. I reach out," said Kabel. "I have people from all over the city that drop off trees, tree toppers and decorations."

This year, Kabel says a man was at an auction and saw a large amount of Christmas stuff. He thought of Kim and the families it would help and purchased it all. He was the first person to donate to her initiative.

"It's heartwarming. I felt like crying," said Kim. "It's just growing. It's unbelievable. I planted this seed, and now it's growing into something beautiful. It's indescribable."

Kabel was once homeless for a short time and knows the impact a simple gift like a tree can have.  

"I've been at the bottom reaching up. I lost a family member. This is about Christmas and bringing hope to others. I have my struggles. This helps me to get up and get moving."

Since she started collecting Christmas decorations and trees, Kim, with help from the community, has been able to help 120 families.

Kim continues to look for trees and decorations. Those interested in helping out can contact Kim on Facebook or via email at kimkabel1967@gmail.com.  

Donations will be accepted up until Dec. 15.