On an average day, someone would go out of their way to avoid having a run-in with Manitoba's most vicious creature, the Canadian Goose, but staff from the Misericordia Health Centre decided to brave the dangers.

Yesterday afternoon was a regular day at the office for Misericordia Health Centre when all of a sudden the rehab team was surprised to see a goose staring at them through a window during their meeting in a lower level of the building.

Normally, gaggles of geese gather in front of the Cornish entrance by the Assiniboine River, but this one appeared to be stuck in a window well. Perhaps the space was too small for the goose to fly out, either way, a group of staff members came together to form Operation Goose Rescue.

In the video, viewers can see Occupational Therapist Karlie throw a drape over the goose to subdue the typically aggressive animal. The team then works together to help bring the goose out of the window well and set it free.

The bird looked happy once it was released and flew away from its rescuers.

This interaction proves that while Canadian Geese and Canadians have a history of not getting along, we can break that stereotype and learn to at least tolerate each other in certain circumstances.