The Winnipeg Public Library has found a way to bring its services to communities who otherwise would not be able to access their resources. 

The Mobile Library, which started in 2008, takes the library experience and brings it to people in low-income neighbourhoods. 

"Currently, we go to the Blake Gardens Community Resource Center on Blake Street, the Indigenous Family Center on Selkirk and the Marlene Street Resource Centre in St. Vital," said Chris Laurie, outreach librarian with the Winnipeg Public Library.

Every two weeks, the team loads up their Mobile Library van and heads to their different locations. 

"We bring about 14 blue boxes of library material to different locations," said Laurie. "We bring a general typical browsing collection of adult books, fiction, nonfiction, kids' books, storybooks, picture books, graphic novels, magazines and movies."   

Laurie says they also focus the collection on neighbourhood demographics. 

"We find we often have indigenous populations, newcomer populations, and we try and buy local authors, local interests and resources that people especially want," Laurie explained. "If we don't bring what they have, and we're hard-pressed to do that because we can only pack so many books into our van, we take requests and can bring them the next time we come."

For those without a library card, Chris says, they can make them on the spot. He says having access to the library is important in every community.

"Many communities don't have much of an issue getting to the library. They have a car. They can access the bus, or they can walk. Low-income neighbourhoods, for socioeconomic reasons, are less likely to be able to access a regular library."

When people learn about the Moblie Library, Chris says, most people are blown away.

"Their eyes light up," Chris explained. "It's actually the most wonderful job in the world to see the faces of people when they realize who you are, what you are and what you're able to do for them."

To find out where and when the Moblie Library is taking place, visit or call 204-926-5580.