In partnership with Prairie Debut, the Women’s Musical Club of Winnipeg presents mezzo-soprano Camila Montefusco in concert. The Brazilian-born, Canadian-settled performer presents a program of songs based on the folk music of Canada and Latin America.  


“I wanted it to be a program about storytelling in song,” says Montefusco, whose own story is a captivating one.  

Born into a musical family in Brazil, she pursued undergraduate studies in violin performance before being hired by a symphony. However, a trip north in 2017 to visit family in Canada and a yet-untapped passion for opera changed her life’s trajectory.  

“Once I arrived in Canada, I started to talk to my family about (musical) possibilities,” says Montefusco, who ultimately enrolled at Western University in London to study voice.  

“It was a big, big leap to go from a professional violinist to ‘oh! I want to sing opera!’” admits Montefusco. It was also challenging to leave family, friends and a career behind, though the shift has been a positive one as she has carved out a new career for herself.  

“I don’t regret – not even for a second – because I know I’m doing what I love and that’s a big privilege.” 

Camila Montefusco performs with pianist Dr. Trevor Chartrand at 2 PM on Sunday, October 30 at the Winnipeg Art Gallery.  

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