This Friday, August the 11th and this Saturday, August the 12th, there will be a very special film screening that will be taking place, which combines the two worlds of film making and art.

“Moral Injuries: The Art of Jordan Van Sewel” is a documentary that showcases the life and work of one of Canada’s most unique and creative artists; Jordan Van Sewell.

For those unfamiliar with Jordan Van Sewell, he has been creating and earning a living from his art for more than 50 years. Specializing in ceramic sculpture, his works can be seen in some of the most prestigious art collections around the world.

Filmmaker Nicholas Treeshin has been working as a screenwriter, producer, and director for more than twenty years. He has worked for production companies such as Force for Entertainment, E One Entertainment and Great Pacific Media. For the past almost 3 years he has been working as a Producer for Winnipeg’s Black Watch Entertainment, and is the Producer of “Moral Injuries the Art of Jordan Van Sewell.”

Originally from Saskatchewan, Treeshin came to Winnipeg about three years ago, and in the process of exploring the landscape of Winnipeg, he came across the art and character of Jordan Van Sewell. As Treeshin explains, “Jordan was someone who stood out right away. His art made me take notice…and many people were mentioning his name, saying ‘you have to meet this guy.’ When we met, I was interested in him right away. I like his vibe, and I think he is a brilliant artist.” From this first meeting came the burgeoning idea of creating a documentary about van Sewell and his art.

For van Sewell, the idea of making a film about him came as a shock. “I’m always in shock when someone gives you acknowledgment,” says van Sewell.

The fact that both Treeshin and van Sewell are both originally from Saskatchewan did a lot to cement the friendship and partnership on the project. “In conversation with Nicholas I saw that we shared a lot of ideas and had a very similar outlook on life…so that for me was an immediate green flag,” states van Sewell.

“Moral Injuries: The Art of Jordan Van Sewell,” puts Winnipeg and van Sewell’s art front and center. The city of Winnipeg acts as the second character in the film. As Treeshin explains, “My intention was really try to capture Jordan’s world…and that is very much Winnipeg…so there are roots in The Forks and roots in the Point Douglas area…and then the art community…just sort of following Jordan’s day-to-day. I think it is important to get a feel for the artist and what makes them tick and what inspires them. It honestly was Winnipeg and the outskirts a little bit, because we needed to capture the sensibility of the prairie…the railroad, the big sky and the fields. It’s a little mini love letter to Winnipeg.”

The screenings of “Moral Injuries: The Art of Jordan Van Sewell” take place this Friday, August 11th at 8:00pm CST via streaming on CBC Gem, and on Saturday, August 12th at 8:00pm CST on CBC Manitoba. There will also be a private screening that will take place at the Forks on Saturday night.

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