Precipitation continues to fall in many areas of southern Manitoba and rivers are filling up.

Here is the latest information from Manitoba's Hydrologic Forecast Centre for Saturday, April 30th, 2022.

Flood warning:
-Red River, Emerson to the Red River Floodway Channel Inlet
- La Salle River
- Assiniboine River, from St. Lazare to Brandon
- Pembina River
- Fisher River

Flood watch:
Red River Tributaries
- Roseau River
- Whitemud River
- Icelandic River

High water advisory:
-Whiteshell Lakes area

Overland flood warning until May 2:

The Hydrologic Forecast Centre has issued an overland flood watch as the result of the forecasted rain, for portions of southern and central Manitoba. Most ditches and waterways are either full or near their capacity. Heavy rain occurring in a short period of time, on saturated soils could create overland flooding.

The weather system has brought an average of 5-20 mm of rain to much of southern and central Manitoba basins and an average of 10-40 mm to the US portion of the Red River basin since Friday. An additional 15-30 mm precipitation is forecasted for central and southern Manitoba and the US portion of the basins.

“This is a dynamic system, and the amounts and location of precipitation could change as it progresses,” flood forecasters say.

Ste. Agathe dike building.

Support for communities

Provincial crews are deployed to several communities in the Red River Valley running pumping operations, as well as preparing for, monitoring and implementing dike closures, as required.

PTH 75 was closed at north of Morris yesterday evening. Traffic is being detoured onto PR 205 at Aubigny, along PR 246 to PTH 23 at Morris and back onto PTH 75.

Water levels on most tributaries in the Red River basin are increasing due to precipitation received yesterday. With the additional rainfall forecasted for the coming days, water levels are expected to surpass previous peak levels. Water levels on the Red River continue to increase.

Provincial crews are deployed in a number of communities in the Red River Valley preparing for and implementing ring dike closures, as required.

Dike closures are in place at the following locations:

o A partial closure of the Emerson dike at Noyes, which does not affect traffic.

o A dike closure at West Lynn.

o A partial dike closure on PTH 3 and a railway closure at Brunkild.

o A dike closure on PR 200 at the north end of St. Adolphe is in place.

o A dike closure at St. Jean Baptiste which does not affect traffic.

o The east dike closure in Ste. Agathe is currently being built. This closure won’t affect traffic on PR 305.

Pumping Operations

Provincial crews are also running pumping operations to facilitate internal drainage inside ring dike communities. Pumping operations are underway at Emerson, West Lynn, Dominion City, Letellier, St. Jean Baptiste, Morris, Rosenort, Riverside, St. Adolphe, St. Agathe, Niverville, and Brunkild.