While Tuesday has more rain in store for Winnipeg and surrounding areas, it looks like the system will be less intense than Monday evening. 

"A few areas east of the city [of Winnipeg] and then the city itself was one of the top five places that received the most rain last night," says Brian Luzny, a meteorologist with Environment Canada. "A place called Vivian, east of the city, and just north of them the city of Beausejour and then Winnipeg, that triangle received the most amount of rain."

Luzny says these areas in particular saw between 80-95 mm of rain Monday evening. 

"The Forks had 90 mm and the airport recorded just above 50."

Tuesday's weather forecast includes more rain for southern Manitoba. 

"In terms of amount, it's pretty unlikely that we'd see another round two of something that intense and lasting as long. But we do have 60 per cent chance of showers and a risk of a thunderstorm starting late this morning and for most of the afternoon."

This is brought on by an unstable air mass, according to Luzny. Yesterday, while there was a tornado watch for certain areas including Winkler and Morden, there was no confirmation of anything touching down. 

"Because the air mass itself is so large and unstable today, it's going to be hard to predict ahead of time where those thunderstorms form and where they go over."

As of early Tuesday morning, there are no tornado watches or warnings for southern Manitoba, but Luzny says funnel clouds could form.

"We're expecting a less severe day. Today we do have a slight chance of a funnel cloud day, with thunderstorms in your area with brief funnel clouds coming out of them but we're not expecting it to be as severe as yesterday."