Manitoba's public insurer is cautioning drivers about an alarming statistic they have discovered.

When the Public Health Orders loosen the number of people following rules of the road appear to decrease according to Manitoba Public Insurance.

“While we are all looking forward to getting back to regular summer activities with friends and family, we can’t forget about road safety. The increases in deaths and serious injuries we saw last summer can be avoided if we all commit to making better choices behind the wheel," MPI’s Chief Customer Officer Satvir Jatana says in a statement.

They found last year when orders loosened there was a 79 per cent increase in fatal road crashes between August and September, and the number of people who died while not wearing a seatbelt more than doubled in the same time period the year before.

Distracted driving deaths quadrupled last year compared to the five-year average.

Speeding went up by 60 per cent, including super speeders, during this time frame.

“MPI has shared this data with police agencies throughout our province and they indicated they are prepared to address this potential increase in high-risk driving behaviour in a proactive manner. But all road users have a role to play in ensuring our highways and streets are safe."

More than five hundred Serious Offence Notices were given to speeders, up 60 per cent. MPI says 90 per cent of all drivers who went to these hearings had their livcenses suspended. 

“After such a challenging year and a half, we all have the direct ability to help save lives this season through these simple actions"

Jatana is encouraging Manitoban to obey all road rules and to drive sober.