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Earlier this month the Manitoba Registered Music Teachers’ Association (MRMTA) held their Annual Scholarship Competition. Many of the Provinces finest young musicians competed for a chance to win hundreds of dollars in cash prizes.

Inaugurated in 1948, the MRMTA scholarship competition has provided opportunities for young musicians to perform and receive constructive adjudication from esteemed professionals with the hopes of winning cash prizes.

The Scholarships that were awarded were:

  • One Advanced Scholarship of $500 for students at the ARCT or Undergraduate level of study.
  • One Senior Scholarship of $400 for students at the Grade 9 or 10 level of study.
  • One Intermediate Scholarship of $300 for students at the Grade 7 or 8 level of study.
  • One Junior Scholarship of $200 for students at the Grade 5 or 6 level of study.


Jasmine Wallace was the winner of the Senior Voice Category. She had taken part in the competition before, but it was always under the shroud of the pandemic. “It was so fun! I’ve been in this competition before but my first year was actually during COVID. So, the only experience I had through the MRMTA was submitting my pieces through a video submission and then just waiting to find out the results. So this was my first time partaking in the in-person events, and performing for an audience, and then going to the gala. So, it was super fun, and it was so nice to have that live music experience again.” says Wallace.

For ten year old Joshua Han, the competition allowed him to perform music of Kuhlau, Chopin and others, as well as come to grips with the element of nerves while performing. “I was really nervous when I went on.” Han overcame his nerves and ended up winning the Intermediate Piano Category.

One of the advantages to taking part in the Senior Category of the competition is that winning competitors are encourages to perform at the Canadian Federation of Music Teachers' Associations (CFMTA) biennial Competition. This experience gives students to travel to a new destination and grow as young musicians as well as perform before an International Audience.

The Manitoba Registered Music Teachers’ Association annual scholarship competition is a very worthwhile event for any young musician wanting to cultivate and raise the level of their musicianship and performance experience. Bravo to all those who took part!