A Spanish musical breeze is set to warm the Winnipeg winter this weekend.

Virtuosi Concerts return with the season opening, celebratory and sultry playing of Cameron Crozman on the cello and Philip Chiu at the piano. Having delighted audiences in recitals across Canada, the acclaimed duo make their debut together in Winnipeg. 

Through outstanding musicianship, innovative programming, historic sleuthing and overflowing joie-de-vivre, Crozman and Chiu have established themselves as a dynamic duo equally capable of performing well known or under appreciated parts of the chamber music canon.  

In a program drawing on their second album, Tapeo, released in 2020, the pair present an offering of musical tapas featuring Spanish and Hispanic composers. They will also perform music composed for the great Catalan cellist Pablo Casals by French composer Jean Huré.

Enjoy a musical taste of Spain this weekend on Sunday, November 21 at 3 pm in the new to Virtuosi venue of St. Andrew’s United Church. 

In the full conversation below, hear more about how Crozman and Chiu first came to perform together; the art of programming and balance when it comes to two instruments; the way Crozman’s cellos may-or-may-not have influenced their CDs; and, how Simeon literally bumped into Philip on the street in Montreal.