On June 4th and 5th the Manitobans for the Arts will be holding their Annual General Gathering. Called New Voices-Fresh Thinking, the event will feature two days of learning and conversation on how artists can engage, sustain and strengthen the arts sector. 

This gathering will feature a keynote address by renowned, award –winning cultural strategist Patricia Huntsman. Huntsman has worked across Canada and internationally in senior roles in the creative industry for 25 years. 

The Annual General Gathering of the Manitobans for the Arts is sure to be an informative and rewarding event and a wonderful way to network and exchange ideas. 

This event is in line with the Manitobans for the Arts mandate. Brenden McKeen is the Chair for the Manitobans for the Arts Board, as he states, “We are invested to ensure that the sector itself is stronger, that we are creating opportunities and tools for people working. We have so many smaller independent organizations, even medium sized where it is kind of a team of one doing an army’s worth of work...so how can we make sure that person knows everything they can, knows all the best things to do and can save them some time and effort and just make their organization stronger.” 

The Manitobans for the Arts general gathering will feature a keynote speaker who will also be available for one-on-one sessions with individuals. Patricia Huntsman has 25 years' worth of experience in the arts sector. She is a two-time nationally award-winning strategist. Her British Columbia based team offers a full roster of arts management, cultural policy writing and strategic planning. She believes in building communities through culture and is an advocate for the societal vibrancy that the arts create. 

Networking and exchanging ideas are key for the gathering. “It’s a chance for all of us to come together and share the concerns we have...share where we are going and what’s happening and learn how we are going to look ahead to the future,” says McKeen. 

You do not need to be a member of the Manitobans for the Arts to attend the general gathering. It is open to all those who work in the arts sector and those who simply love the arts and want to see the organizations not just survive but thrive. Regarding who can attend McKeen says, “It’s arts organizations and arts workers but also arts lovers...if you are somebody who doesn't work in it but you just think ‘gosh arts and culture...they need a little bit more help and we need to get them more help and more support...and I love it so much and I can’t imagine the city without it.’ that is a perfect thing.” 

McKeen makes the point that it is the people who love the arts but do not work in the field that are very often the ones who can help lobby the Government and advocate for the sector.  

The Manitobans for the Arts General Gathering is a fantastic way to network, exchange ideas, and hear from others about what works and what strategies can be used to see that an organization can achieve their future goals. 

The Manitobans for the Arts Annual Gathering happens Tuesday, June 4th and Wednesday, June 5th for more details visit The Manitobans for the Arts Website.