This weekend, a rare opportunity to revisit some favourite choral works presented by the always outstanding Polycoro.


NEW:SCHOOL kicks it old school in a celebration of works that have helped shape Polycoro's identity and develop their artistry.  

Founded in 2014, the small ensemble of singers immediately brought an adventurous spirit and undeniable talent to the already dynamic Manitoba choral community, cultivating a new sound through carefully curated concerts and performances. 

“I can’t believe it,” muses artistic director John Wiens when asked about the nine years of the ensemble’s existence. 

“When I think about our early years versus now, there’s no question that our ability with the style of music and our facility to get to it quickly and find the heart of it... has really grown, just exponentially over the years,” says Wiens.  

The ensemble has explored a wide variety of music – from the Renaissance to contemporary commissions.  

“The singers appreciate a challenge,” explains Wiens. “It helps us to grow as artists.”  

As a result of that keenness to share something new, Polycoro have repeated less than 90 minutes of music in their 9 years of programming.    

That is, until now.  

NEW: SCHOOL presents a retrospective program of beloved choral works, and those which, as commissions, deserve a second hearing.   

“The tricky thing about commissions is, often times they only get performed once,” says Wiens. “You presented it and then it’s out in the world.”  

Music of Scott Reimer, Neil Weisensel, and Amy Brandon is planned to be shared again. Audiences can also look forward to Nilo Alcala’s "Papanok a Lakitan" and Vivian Fung’s "Sanci Kuni," as well as Polycoro favourites like Ryan Cayabyab’s "Anima Christi" and Haraldur Sveinbjornsson’s "Memento Mei."  

All rarely heard in Manitoba.  

Polycoro takes NEW:SCHOOL around to Brandon, May 6 and Carmen, May 7 before a performance at the Crescent Arts Centre/Crescent Fort Rouge United Church on Monday, May 8.  

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