Excitement is in the autumn air. 

This weekend, when the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra presents live music again at the Centennial Concert Hall, it will be under the leadership of a new executive director. 

“It’s a huge honour for me,” says Angela Birdsell. “This has always been a very important orchestra in the Canadian landscape and one that’s very near and dear to my heart.”

After spending the past 3 decades away working in various arts management and consultancy roles, Birdsell returned to Winnipeg and assumed her new position on July 5, 2021. 

“I feel unbelievably well supported by the team of staff here, by the board and I know that there is just such a great group of musicians,” says Birdsell. “And especially an amazing community of support out there for the organization.” 

In the full interview below, hear more about Birdsell’s full-circle path back to her hometown; her vision for the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and its cautious reemergence from the COVID-19 pandemic; the importance of community involvement and outreach; plus, how struggles in certain subjects has led to a successful career. 

The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra’s 2021-22 concert season begins Saturday, September 18 with “Bluegrass Symphony”. For more details and tickets, visit: www.wso.ca