Ontario's Stay-at-Home Order is extending further, impacting Manitobans who have a cabin in the neighbouring province.

The border to Ontario is remaining closed for almost three more weeks. Those who own a cabin in Ontario are continuing to be restricted from visiting it by the Ontario government. Manitobans cannot travel to usual vacation areas such as Kenora or Lake of the Woods.

Ontario's Premier Doug Ford says these restrictions are in place to give residents the "most normal July and August possible."

Non-essential trips are being discouraged by the Government of Manitoba. 

Those going to Ontario for work, medical care, transporting goods, or exercising Indigenous treaty rights are permitted to cross the border.

Originally ending on May 20, the province's Stay-At-Home orders are extending extended to June 2. The border has been closed to Manitobans since April 19. Ontario's case count Thursday was 2,759.

In Manitoba, there are no inter-provincial travel restrictions for cabin owners but they are being encouraged to follow guides set by the province.