poster poli pop

From January 26th to February 4th  The Manitoba Theatre for Young People in collaboration with Brush Theatre is putting on a production that encourages young audiences to use their imagination to create and  explore new worlds and use their inherit inventiveness to solve problems.

“Poli Pop” is a truly magical stage presentation created by Brush Theatre. This is the second production that Brush has done with MTYP coming off their hugely successful and very entertaining show called “Doodle Popp”

Energetic, awe-inspiring and engaging, “Poli Pop” encourages young people to use their imaginations to create and explore new worlds, and to use their creativity to solve problems, while having fun at the same time.

Inspiring children to use their imaginations is a key aim for the Brush Theatre Company. Based in Seoul, South Korea, the troupe encourages children to use their imaginations to discover a world full of joy and wonder, and draw out different versions of stories; offering hope even in bad situations. As Artistic Associate for MTYP Sarah Flynn says, “Brush makes theatre for young audiences different. The way they engage with the content and with the audiences is just a little different, a little special.”

The story centres around two siblings Poli and Pola, who do not want to go to bed. They are told by their grandfather that if they do not go to bed a hairy fairy named Mong will come and get them. This story of Mong gets Poli and Pola’s imaginations going and swirling, and from there they go on a wild fantasy adventure full of unique places, sights and sounds, including outer space, jungles and at sea.

Brush Theatre Company makes use of some truly innovative techniques to help create moods and backgrounds. Musicians are used not only to play music to move the story along, but they are also creators of specific sounds to help audience members embrace and lose themselves in the adventure.

One of the other remarkable things that the company does is make use of projection technology to help create backdrops. “There is this incredible hand drawn aesthetic to these projections that are projected over this house” says Flynn, “the projections highlight specific areas and shows various images of where they are going and what they are doing…as well as this magic fairy that peaks out from different places. And it’s all done live on stage where you can see them all interacting and working together to make it happen.”

“Poli Pop” is sure to be appealing for both parents and children. Everybody has an imagination and whether you are a child or not, getting lost and immersed in the world that Poli Pop creates is sure to be fun for everyone.

Poli Pop runs from January 26th to February 4th. For more details visit the MTYP website