A record store in Rome got an unexpected visitor Tuesday evening: Pope Francis in his cassock.

The director of Rome Reports news agency, Javier Martinez-Brocal, told AP that while he was out Tuesday evening, he stopped short, noticing a white Fiat 500 with Vatican license plates and police cruisers parked outside of a record store.

The reporter quickly snapped a video of Pope Francis leaving the shop after a 12-minute visit. When he left, it wasn't empty-handed. Owners gave him an undisclosed classical music CD after the unexpected visit.

Tiziana Esposito, the daughter of the shop's owners told Martinez-Brocal's agency that since Pope Francis was a cardinal, he has made many visits to this shop. When the owners visited the Vatican, the Pope promised to return.

Pope Francis is a known music lover, listening to opera and tango music frequently on his radio at home in Argentina. He has said Mozart "lifts you closer to God."