Outdoor music festival meets backyard summer hangout —  or, in this case front yard at 944 Dorchester Avenue.


Red Haus Live is back with another season of porch performances featuring a plethora of performers.

“The first COVID summer (2020), I was looking for ways to make some sort of performance venue where people could hear live music and specifically musicians who don’t play with electronic enhancement,” says concert organizer and homeowner Zohreh Gervais. 

As it turns out, she didn’t need to look beyond her own front porch to provide an intimate venue for classical and jazz musicians while also giving audiences an opportunity to experience live music in a COVID-cautious way. 

With the easing of restrictions and the return of live music in dedicated performance spaces, it has been the musicians and community who encouraged Gervais to continue with the series. 

“I realized that this has been a special thing for the community, it provides a really intimate setting for performers… and it’s great because Winnipeg has wonderful summer weather,” she says, though notes performances are weather dependent. 

This year’s lineup ranges from up-and-coming talent to established award winners. Concerts are free to the public, though a donation to the musicians is encouraged. 

Find all the details by following Red Haus Live on social media (Instagram or Facebook) and don’t forget the lawn chair before heading down to the show!