Former mayor Brian Bowman made a trip to City Hall Monday for the unveiling of his portrait in the Gallery of Mayors.

Bowman was Winnipeg's 43rd mayor. He was also the city's first indigenous mayor.

In the portrait, Brian is seen with his signature smile, wearing a navy blue suit jacket and maroon tie. On his suit jacket is a Metis pin, something he is proud to wear in the portrait.

Premier Wab Kinew spoke at the unveiling, saying we were lucky to have Brian as our mayor.

"He brought that integrity. He brought that enthusiasm and that desire to make Winnipeg proud of who we are," said the Kinew. "And he made history along the way, becoming a Metis person elected to office."

Brian Mayes, city councillor for St. Vital, said he enjoyed working on EPC with the former mayor.

"In his second term, we made huge progress on $1B of work to modernize Winnipeg's sewage system; a rarely noted accomplishment," said Mayes in a post on Facebook.

Current Mayor Scott Gillingham said during Brian's eight years as mayor, he was a great booster for Winnipeg.

"He led the city through many challenges, almost always with that signature smile on his face."

Brian said on Monday that it was wonderful being back at City Hall. 

Bowman was mayor of Winnipeg from 2014-2022.