Though there are plenty of festive favourites this time of the year, “Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!” will seemingly be stuck on repeat for much of southern Manitoba the next few days.  

“The thing with this Colorada low is it’s going to be a prolonged period of snow,” says Shannon Moodie, a senior meteorologist for Environment and Climate Change Canada. 

A Colorado low will move through the upper Midwest of the United States bringing snow into the Manitoba region starting Tuesday night and into Wednesday and continuing through to the weekend. 

Typically, forecasters would expect systems such as this one to move quickly rather than linger for several days, says Moodie. 

“I've never really seen something like this.” 

Areas expected to be impacted include the City of Winnipeg and the R.M.’s of Woodlands, Rockwood, Rosser, West St. Paul, St. Andrews, St. François Xavier, Cartier, Headingley, Grey, Macdonald, St. Clements, Springfield, East St. Paul, Ritchot, Tache, Hanover.   

“It's really going to be several days of that accumulating snow,” explains Moodie. Areas are expected to receive approximately smaller amounts of snowfall daily with upwards of 20-30 centimeters total expected by the weekend. 

Given the above seasonable temperatures, snow is expected to be heavier and wetter, with the worst conditions expected along the international border.  

The system is expected to clear over the weekend, with more seasonable temperatures expected by Sunday.  

“It's definitely colder than what we've been used to through the past week,” says Moodie. Though the drop in temperatures will bring a return of sunshine.  

“I think we all kind of miss the sun right now. It’s been a while.”


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