A Winnipeg restaurant is facing fines worth up to $1 million.

Monstrosity Burger, also known as Tuxedo Village Family Restaurant, is facing an “Information laid” charge, with (additional Public Health charges against it. This fine is given to businesses for repeated offences. This fine carries a maximum $1-million penalty.

In total, 33 COVID-19 enforcement tickets were given out, including 30 $298 tickets to individuals for failure to wear a mask in an indoor public place, one $1,296 ticket to an individual, and one $8,550 ticket to an individual for the Federal Quarantine Act.

Twenty-fice of those tickets were given out in SouthernHelth, and eight were given out in Winnipeg.


New testing sites

Two new COVID-19 tests sites are opening this week. On Wednesday, a 1300 Redonda Street location will offer PCR tests for those eligible for a PCR test. On Thursday, an 820 Taylor Avenue location will open to pick up rapid antigen tests, by appointment only.

"Those who are at higher risk of severe illness, as well as some groups who have tested positive on a rapid antigen test, will still be eligible for PCR testing," the province says in a statement Wednesday.

Symptomatic people at COVID-19 testing sites will primarily be given rapid antigen tests.



There are more than 450 people in the hospital and 46 people in intensive care due to COVID-19 as of Wednesday morning.

Hospitalization rates have jumped by 36, bringing the total number to 454 people in the hospital. Manitoba's COVID-19 dashboard shows 419 of those people have active cases.

"People who are not fully vaccinated are four times as likely to be hospitalized with COVID-19, 21 times as likely to be admitted to an intensive care unit and 17 times as likely to die with COVID-19."

Hospitalizations by health region include:

  • 266 in Winnipeg
  • 58 in Southern
  • 55 in Prairie Mountain
  • 33 in Interlake-Eastern
  • 27 in Northern

There are 46 people in intensive care with all but one of those people having active cases.

The number of COVID-19 deaths increased by three, to 1,429.

Deaths since Tuesday include:

  • a male in his 60s from the Winnipeg health region (reported Tuesday)
  • a female in her 80s from the Winnipeg health region (reported Wednesday)
  • a female in her 60s from the Winnipeg health region (reported Wednesday)
  • a male in his 90s from the Winnipeg health region and linked to the outbreak at Prairie View Lodge (reported Wednesday)


New cases

There are 1,478 new COVID-19 cases as of Wednesday morning after 3,538 tests were completed. There are now 105,406 total cases, with 35,048 active cases and 68,929 recoveries.


New cases by health region include:

  • 816 in Winnipeg
  • 268 in Northern
  • 159 in Prairie Mountain
  • 124 in Southern
  • 111 in Interlake-Eastern

Manitoba's test rate is 47.2 per cent.



Portage la Prairie's Lions Prairie Manor personal care home's outbreak is over.

New outbreaks include:

  • Pembina Place Personal Care Home, Winnipeg
  • St. Norbert Personal Care Home, Winnipeg
  • Concordia Hospital, unit N3W, Winnipeg
  • Betel Home personal care home, Selkirk
  • Grace Hospital, 4 North and 2 South, Winnipeg
  • Bethania Personal Care Home, Winnipeg
  • Deer Lodge Centre, Winnipeg
  • Health Sciences Centre, unit GH4, Winnipeg
  • Rideau Park Personal Care Home, Brandon


Vaccination recommendations

There is no change to the province's COVID-19 vaccination recommendation, including for the interval between doses for children aged five to 11. The province says they continue to recommend the eight-week interval under the guidance of the National Advisory Committee on Immunization. They say, however, there are some exceptions to shorten the time period to 21 days.

"Parents are encouraged to discuss their concerns with a health professional before arriving for their appointment. Clinic staff will discuss individual circumstances to determine next steps for those who request an early second dose."

To date, 50.6 per cent of children aged five to 11 have reiceed their forst dose, impacting  63,247 children in that age group.