As a system from Montana makes its way toward Saskatchewan and Manitoba, Environment Canada is encouraging people who are thinking about travelling this weekend to think twice. 

"Unfortunately we're still quite uncertain as there's not much agreement on the track of the storm as it heads towards Manitoba," says meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada, Kayla Bilous. "Right now for Winnipeg, it looks like we'll start to see snow Saturday evening and that could transition to freezing rain and rain on Sunday and then back to snow."

Environment Canada is unsure of how much will fall as snow and how much will be rain. As of Friday morning, it looks like southern Manitoba could see between 20 and 30 cm of snow alone. 

"When it starts to snow, it looks like we're going to start out around -7. Then it warms up as the warm front enters the area. We could warm up to about plus 3 on Sunday. Over Sunday evening as it cools down it'll switch back to snow."

According to weather projections, the whole system will move out of southern Manitoba by Monday afternoon. 

Environment Canada is encouraging people who don't have to travel on Sunday to reconsider going out during the winter storm. 

"Keep an eye on alerts," says Bilous.