What RCMP thought was a quick good deed quickly turned into something much worse. 

Early Monday morning, at around 12:30 a.m., a St. Rose du Lac RCMP officer was patrolling Highway 5 when they came upon a motorist changing his tire on the side of the road. With the temperature hovering around -38C with the windchill, the officer pulled over to assist.

The officer quickly noticed that the vehicle had no plates and questioned the driver. He did not have any registration or a bill of sale for the car. He also did not have a license and provided the officer with a false name. The officer also noticed open alcohol within the car.

A further search of the vehicle led to the discovery of Canadian currency, several individual bags containing a substance believed to be methamphetamine, prescription drugs, and various gift cards. When the male was searched, police located a bag of a substance believed to be cocaine, as well as empty baggies and multiple cell phones.

He was arrested and taken in for fingerprinting. Due to injuries sustained while changing his tire in freezing temperatures, officers were unable to get his fingerprints. 

Eventually, the suspect provided officers with his real name. 

28-year-old Clint Nepinak was found to have three warrants out for his arrest for Failure to Comply x2 and Failure to Attend Court. He was charged with Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking x2 and Obstruct a Peace Officer. He also received an open liquor ticket.

He remains in custody.