The Manitoba RCMP are saying that unless people need to, they should stay home for Wednesday, Thursday and maybe even Friday due to the approaching Colorado low. 

The RCMP is urging drivers to continuously monitor road conditions and to stay off closed roads and highways.

"We are anticipating the closure of highways and roads throughout southern Manitoba due to the oncoming winter storm. Drivers are urged to get to their destinations today, to stay home and to only travel if absolutely necessary," says Corporal Julie Courchaine, spokesperson for the Manitoba RCMP in a news release. "Our officers across southern Manitoba are getting prepared for the storm but even with snowmobiles and other tracked vehicles at the ready, officers may still not be able to reach stranded motorists."

If people absolutely have to travel, the RCMP are giving some winter driving safety reminders:

  • Check road conditions BEFORE heading out. An updated list of road conditions can be found here.
  • Advise someone of your travel and what road/highway you will be taking and what time you expect to arrive.
  • Ensure your cell phone is fully charged.
  • Carry a winter safety kit with a flash light, emergency food and water, candles, blankets, booster cables, tow straps and a shovel.
  • If stranded in a snowbank, ensure your vehicle’s exhaust is clear and free of snow.
  • Slow down, use caution and drive to conditions.
  • Increase your distance between other vehicles as stopping distance is double on an icy road.
  • Do not drive on closed roads or highways.

"Obviously this winter has been none other than I can remember," says Courchaine. "We've seen a lot of motorists have been stranded and the issue is if a road is closed it's because those roadways aren't safe to be on. That's a concern for any first responders that have to come to your aid."

The RCMP is saying that being aware and prepared will keep people safe on our roads.