The owner of A Maze In Corn near Saint Adolphe says his crews are working hard to finish this year's snow maze which will feature some interesting new architecture and artwork.

Clint Masse says the recent cold has allowed them to get a lot done.

“This year we have got roughly the same size as the biggest maze we ever did which was last year. For COVID we widened out the paths to eight feet wide and we have increased the footprint by about 40 per cent so that is going to happen. In addition to that, we have some new architecture in terms of some of the snow buildings.”

Snow buildings are exactly what they sound like, buildings made entirely of snow. Masse says they have some higher-end snow art coming this year and it is best if it is kept out of the elements.

“All of that artwork is housed inside the snow buildings and that way it lasts well into spring. Most snow art gets destroyed with that warm sun, whether it comes in February, the end of January or even March. This way we can keep our snow art intact for the long run.”

An overhead aerial view of the maze(Supplied)

Masse says all of the recent snowfall has been fantastic because it makes the whole yard look like a winter wonderland, but most of the snow they use for the walls is man-made. He notes the man-made snow just packs tighter.

“The man-made snow is what structure we need to keep the walls up further on into springtime when we get to warmer weather than we are obviously thinking about today. You could honestly write your car off if you drove into one of those snow-maze walls.”

The initial plan was to be open for the January 15, however, Masse says they are about a week behind schedule so they are hoping to open for the weekend of the 22.


Written by Kenton Dyck