As we enter the holiday season, the City of Winnipeg is sending a reminder of what can and can not go into the recycling. 

They ask that ribbon, wrapping paper, styrofoam packaging, gift bags, plastic bags, Christmas lights, light strands, toys, disposable cutlery, disposable dishes, electronics, and batteries not get put into the recycling. 

Empty cardboard gift boxes, greeting cards without foam, glitter, glue, or other non-paper items attached, and rigid plastic packaging after the cardboard inserts have been removed are acceptable to be recycled. As well as empty food and beverage containers. 

Any extra recycling can be dropped off at 4R Winnipeg Dept or community recycling location free of charge. 

For more information about what can and cannot be recycled, visit

The City of Winnipeg is also reminding residents that there will not ba any recycling or garbage collection on Christmas or New Year's Day. If Monday is your normal collection day, it will be pushed back to Tuesday.