The forecast shows little to no precipitation is expected in southern and central Manitoba for the next 5 days which is a relief to many communities dealing with flooding issues. 

The Red River Basin has received a basin-wide average of 40-50 mm of rainfall over the past 48 hours, according to today’s flood report issued by Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure. It indicates that areas of the Interlake and east of Lake Winnipeg received an average of 30-50 mm.

Red River crest is coming

Following this weekend’s precipitation, forecasted peak levels on the Red River from Emerson to the Red River Floodway inlet are expected to peak at levels similar to 2009 during the second week of May.

The Red River Floodway and the Portage Diversion continue to operate to lower water levels in Winnipeg.

Since April 1st, southern and southeastern Manitoba and the United States portion of the Red River basin received 120 to 160 mm of precipitation, which is between 400 to 600% of normal.

Many roads are in poor shape, closed

There are a significant number of provincial and municipal roads that are closed due to flooding conditions. Motorists who are required to travel are strongly encouraged to plan their routes before travelling. Motorists are reminded to stay off closed roads and not to attempt to travel across inundated roads. Up-to-date information on highway conditions, including detours and road closures, can be found at or by calling 511.

Road closed from rain and flooding near St. Adolphe, Man.Road closed from rain and flooding near St. Adolphe, Man.

PTH 75 was closed at the north end of Morris Friday evening and remained closed all weekend. Traffic is detoured onto PR 205 at Aubigny, along PR 246 to PTH 23 at Morris and back onto PTH 75.

Dikes, pumping operations

Provincial crews are also running pumping operations to facilitate internal drainage inside ring dike communities. Pumping operations are underway at Emerson, Morris, Rosenort, Riverside, St. Adolphe, St. Agathe, Niverville, West Lynn, Dominion City, Letellier, St. Jean Baptiste, and Brunkild.

Water levels on several drains and creeks have caused or threatened localized flooding. The department continues to monitor provincial drains and intervenes when necessary to restore flow.

A full dike closure remains on PTH 30 at Gretna on the International border. Provincial crews continue monitoring water levels at Gretna and yesterday plugged a culvert that was backing water up into the community.

Flood warnings

  • Red River, Emerson to the Red River Floodway Channel Inlet
  • Red River, Red River Floodway Channel Outlet Lake Winnipeg
  • Red River tributaries

Flood watch

All streams in the eastern region, including the Roseau River.

A high water advisory remains for the Whiteshell lakes area, as levels on most lakes continue to rise.