Members of the communities affected by the Reduced-Speed Neighborhood Pilot will be offered the chance to voice their opinions on the change to assist the city with its project.

Select residents in Winnipeg’s Bourkvale, Tyndall Park South, Worthington, and Richmond West neighbourhoods are being invited to share their thoughts on speed limits and quality of life in their communities as part of the Reduced-Speed Neighbourhood pilot.

The pilot will see the existing 50 km/h speed limit on residential streets in the four neighbourhoods reduced to either 30 km/h or 40 km/h in early March. Its goal is to determine whether changing the speed limit in residential areas changes how fast vehicles actually travel and whether the change affects neighbourhood livability and residents’ quality of life.

In the coming days, those who live on streets where the speed limit is changing will receive letters in the mail with details on the program and how to participate in a pre-pilot survey.

The survey will give us a baseline against which we can measure any shifts in feelings and opinions brought on by the lowered speed limit. Traffic analysis done before, during, and after the speed limit change will tell us whether driver behaviour changes.

Area residents who live on a street where the speed is not changing will not receive a letter and will instead be invited to share their perspectives on speed limits as part of a larger city-wide engagement program in early 2024.

What we hear through both phases of engagement will, alongside the traffic analysis, help us make recommendations on the future of city-wide residential neighbourhood speed limits.

More information on the pilot is available at: