The WPS are advising the public to not let the excitement of another "Winnipeg Whiteout" fog their judgement, as reports of fraudulent tickets are on the rise.

Since the announcement of the Winnipeg Jets solidifying a spot in the NHL Playoffs and another Whiteout coming to Winnipeg, the WPS has received several reports regarding hockey tickets and street party tickets fraudulently being sold online.

Many victims have reported to the police being "ghosted" and not receiving the promised tickets after sending money to unknown sellers.

The WPS is sending out a public advisory to the public on purchasing online tickets through online classified platforms. True North Sports and Entertainment has officially announced that "Winnipeg Whiteout" party tickets are SOLD OUT for games 3 & 4.

Street party tickets sold on any other online platform, including resale platforms, are unverifiable and should be considered fraudulent.

For those interested in purchasing street party tickets in the future, they are sold through Ticketmaster.

For anyone who has been victimized through fraudulent ticket sales, they are being asked to make an online police report.

Please note: If you report a telephone, letter or internet scam but do not suffer any financial loss, there is no need to file a report with the Winnipeg Police Service. Contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501 to report.