Scouts Canada has found a creative way to keep kids busy and excited during winter. 

With shorter days and cooler temperatures, Scouts Canada says even kids can deal with the midwinter blahs. To combat this, Scouts Canada has created the Kidtastic Activity Generator.

"We went to our youth across Canada in the scouting program and found some of the things that they like to do in the winter and created a really straightforward way for parents and their kids to find something fun to do that gets them outdoors, gets them creative, get some doing something interesting, and a lot of the time on a budget with the materials that are at hand," said Matthew Coe, a scouter with Scouts Canada.

Coe says the generator is simple to use. 

"Simply punch in kids’ ages, topics of interest, activity levels and if you want an indoor or outdoor activity."

Some of the activities that may pop up include how to make snowshoes, how to create a winter survival kit and how to make a single flame fire.

He says not only are these activities fun, but they are also teaching life skills. 

"Our whole mission, our whole vision, is to help prepare kids to be ready for whatever they want to do in their adulthood, in their life," Coe explained. "They're learning skills that are going to be relevant for whatever they're doing, and all the activities in the generator follow that same framework of plan."

The Kidtastic Generator can be found at