For a quarter century, Rainbow Harmony Project has proudly raised its voice in song and social awareness.  

Winnipeg’s choral community of 2SLGBTQIA+ folks and allies mark their 25th anniversary with a spring concert, “Connect.” 

“We’re really excited,” says artistic director Brittany Mielnichuk. “Not only are we an arts organization, we’re a queer arts organization. It’s a big deal to us.”  



Established in 1999, the choir has been a consistent presence in Winnipeg and beyond, not only developing musical voices through singing, but using them to bring awareness and build community.  

“When queer and 2SLGBTQIA+ people come together, it’s just magic,” says assistant conductor Jean van der Merwe.  

Comprising nearly 80 members, the RHP Choir will be joined by the RHP Youth Choir and an alumni chorus, who will deliver a blend of familiar tunes, anthems, and fresh repertoire in their performance.   

Aptly named "Connect," the concert serves as a tribute to the bonds fostered within the choral community, the reunion with alumni and audiences, and the celebration of shared humanity, love, acceptance, and unity.    

“With everything going on in the world, just like a hundred queer people coming together to make music together, I cannot imagine a more beautiful sight than that,” reflects van der Merwe.  

“Connect” takes place on Saturday, June15 at the Manitoba Theatre for Young People, beginning at 7 p.m.  

For tickets and more details, visit:  


RHP Connect