Sistema Winnipeg provides music education, builds community and offers inspiration as a tool for social change as a daily after school program provided at no cost to participating families. Now their way about the communities they serve just got a little bit easier thanks to a newly announced partnership with Peg City Car Co-op. 



“To help out with transportation, we approached Peg City Car Co-op to help make transportation a little more accessible for us and students,” says WSO Sistema and Education Manager Jeffrey Acosta. 

In the immediate future, the partnership will help alleviate the challenge of shuttling 7 students from Sistema’s after-school program to Winnipeg Youth Orchestras' rehearsal on Monday nights, explains Acosta. 

There will also be the added benefit of utilizing bigger vehicles — such as SUVs, cargo and minivans — to transport gear and larger instruments, rather than using a bunch of “staff sedans.” 

For Peg City Car Co-op (Peg City), the match simply makes sense. 

“One of our mandates through our history is actually to support the arts in Winnipeg in the way that we can as a transportation company,” says Peg City Car Co-op managing director Philip Mikulec.

Founded 10 years ago, Peg City has grown substantially from humble beginnings in Osborne Village. With a current fleet of 70 vehicles and over 2500 members, Peg City Car Co-op provides an alternative to vehicle ownership through practical, reliable and inclusive carsharing.  

“As people start to recognize carsharing as a viable option, we’ve really been able to capitalize on that and grow quite considerably,” explains Mikulec. Peg City plans on adding another 20 vehicles to their fleet soon. 

“It means a lot to us that (Sistema has) that access,” says Mikulec. “It’s the start of a relationship, it’s new, but I’m really excited to see where it goes and how we can build on it years to come.”