Internationally renowned sopranos Tracy Dahl and Andriana Chuchman are set to end the MCO’s Spring and Summer Festival on a high note. 

Sharing the stage alongside the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra is hardly all Tracy Dahl and Andriana Chuchman have in common. 

Both hailing from Winnipeg, the pair of outstanding sopranos have established themselves as preeminent singers of their generations whose careers have been intertwined for more than two decades.   

Considered to be the nation’s premiere coloratura, Tracy Dahl welcomed a 17-year-old Andriana Chuchman into her studio at the University of Manitoba back in 1999.

“Andriana always, always had that spark,” reflects Dahl on those early years working together as teacher and student.

Fast forward to today and Chuchman herself is a leading light in the opera world, performing on some of the world’s foremost stages, many of which were previously trod by her mentor. “How lucky and fortunate was I to have Tracy as a teacher—an international superstar opera singer” says Chuchman. “Tracy’s always been one of my pillars in my career and in my journey as a student and performer.” 

Their journeys continued to cross paths in the intervening years, and that special relationship, one described as “family” by Dahl, takes centre stage in the pair’s return performance with the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra. 

Performing classic arias and duets, Tracy Dahl and Andriana Chuchman join the MCO and guest conductor Alexander Weimann for the last concert in the Spring and Summer Festival. 

The concert premieres at 7:30PM on Thursday, July 8 and will be available to view through July 22. Tickets are just $20 and available through: 

In the full interview below, hear more about the many parallels in the careers of Dahl and Chuchman; how—or, perhaps more importantly—who chooses the repertoire for this type of concert; and, how they describe the differences between their voices.