Motorists on a busy Winnipeg roadway should be aware of a big speed limit change coming soon.

The City of Winnipeg is lowering the speed limit along Fermor Ave. from Dunkirk. Dr. to St. Mary's Rd. to 60 km/h, down from the current 70 km/h.

The change comes after St. Vital councillor Brian Mayes put forward a motion calling for the change in the winter. At the time, Mayes said that residents wanted the change for safety reasons.

That stretch of Fermor Ave. passes by Glenlawn Collegiate, a YMCA, as well as the St. Vital library.

The City says the decision to reduce the speed limit is the result of a technical analysis (based on the Transportation Association of Canada’s Guidelines for Establishing Posted Speed Limits), as well as a push from the community to make the roadway safer adjacent to Glenlawn Collegiate and the St. Vital Library.

While the City failed to send out an official press release on the upcoming change, a notice was posted to its official Facebook page on Friday at 5:30 p.m.

The new speed limit goes into effect on August 29, 2022.