After a two-year hiatus, the International Music Camp (IMC) returns with a full summer of arts programming including week-long band, choir and orchestra creative intensives. 





“It’s a very good feeling,” says Brent Johnson of the IMC, who describes the excitement as “palpable.” 

Over the summer months of 2020 and again the following year, the IMC presented virtual programming to attendees. Though valued and appreciated, there’s no substitute for the in-person experience. 

“Virtual programming, as we know, is no replacement for the intensity and the relational aspects of in-person resident camping and artist programming.” 

Roughly a three-hour drive from Winnipeg, the International Peace Gardens straddle the Canada/U.S. border, and provide an idyllic and inspiring lodging for the camp — which has seen some updates over the past few years, including facility and infrastructure improvement, according to Johnson.

“It’s a beautiful, unique and very peaceful setting for the International Music Camp,” says Johnson. “It really is a gathering place, a place where community is made, and lifelong friends are made, and people with common interests come together and spend time doing what they love.”

With over 40 fine arts programs — including band, choir and orchestra intensives — offered to young people ages 10-19, the IMC welcomes approximately 2000 students over the summer months alongside some 250 faculty and staff. 

“We’ve had representation from all 50 states and all provinces and territories in Canada, as well as something like 80 different countries,” says Johnson. 

Week-long camp begins mid-June, running through seven sessions, concluding with an adults 21 and up program. 

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