The co-founder of the Dream Factory, which grants wishes to children diagnosed with terminal illnesses, is asking for your help in granting her wish.

Michelle Harrison, who co-founded the charity (formerly The Rainbow Society) with her good friend, Linda, was recently diagnosed with terminal Lung cancer. 

With the organization celebrating its 40th anniversary this year and Harrison now in her battle, she has launched a living memorial campaign. 

"What we want to do is raise as much money as we can for these kids and the upcoming wishes," said Harrison. "I was recently diagnosed with incurable cancer. Like the children getting wishes -this is my wish- to raise money for them and grant their wishes."

She hopes to raise $60,000 for the Dream Factory to help create more awareness and grant even more dreams. 

“The impact of Michelle's dream to establish a charity dedicated to creating unforgettable moments for kids here in our community fighting life-threatening illnesses continues to be felt today," says Andrew Kussy, Executive Director of The Dream Factory, "because of her original vision, tireless effort, and incredible compassion; nearly 1000 Manitoba kids in the midst of difficult medical journeys have had the opportunity to experience the magic of a dream come true. It is an honour to be able to carry on this important work."

It all began in 1983, when Michelle, a visionary single mother and entrepreneur – alongside her dear friend, Linda – set up The Rainbow Society. Their mission was as clear as it was compassionate: to bring joy to children across Manitoba who are facing life-threatening illnesses.

After they stepped aside, their enduring vision flourished, motivating numerous people, donors, foundations, and companies to support the charity. The name was changed in 2011 to The Dream Factory.  

Since it started in 1983, the Dream Factory has fulfilled more than 900 dreams.

Anyone looking to donate can find out more information on her GoFundMe page.