A Winnipeg family is overwhelmed following the success of a lemonade stand sale they hosted over the weekend.

This is a tradition that Sabrina Gamey's daughter started back in 2019. She wanted to do something to give back to the Children's Rehabilitation Foundation after they helped her younger brother, Spencer. 

Spencer, who is now seven years old, was born with a rare deletion which has led to numerous hospital visits and plenty of support from the Children's Rehabilitation Foundation.

"Through the Children's Rehabilitation Foundation, we were met with compassion, understanding, empathy and encouragement. So much hope was given to us throughout our journey," said Sabrin. "They stood by us through every step of the game, that we've been through so far. The support that we've had through them has been immeasurable."

On Saturday, June 8, the family hosted their annual lemonade stand and Sabrina says she was blown away. 

"It was another successful year, which is humbling and overwhelming in the most positive ways," said Gamey. 

She said the community showed up in so many ways, including a mother and her two daughters who supported their stand in a special way.

"They had a yard sale that day. While the yard sale was going on, the kids hosted a lemonade stand and decided to give the profits from their sales to help Spencer with his."

In the end, they managed to raise $1138.33.

"We were telling [Spencer] about how much money was raised this year, and how it would help a lot of families. He said, 'Mommy, that make my heart so happy, happy.  Now my kids, meaning the other kids, will have happy hearts.'"

Sabrina says even though the CRF will benefit greatly from this event, she feels her family received the greatest gift. 

'We're left with those feelings of joy, those memories and seeing our community, again, show up for my little boy," Gamey explained. "It's such an overwhelming and overpowering feeling to have."