Have you ever been out for a walk and seen one of those little libraries that people have on their lawns encouraging people to take a book, or leave a book? Sometimes you find a book that looks interesting and sometimes not so much. Regardless, it is always fascinating to see what is there and try to figure out what books have been left by strangers and what books were donated by the owner of the house.

Now imagine if you could do the same thing with art … well, now you don’t have to imagine it. Nestled in the heart of Norwood Flats there is a Little Art Gallery that is encouraging people to be creative and let their creations be seen by anyone.

Amber Pohl is the mastermind behind the Little Art Gallery. She saw on social media that someone else had done it, and as Pohl explains, “I thought what a cool idea…we see the [little] libraries all over the city, and I thought this is a really interesting and interactive way to engage the community.”

Pohl and her family then took a renovated kitchen cabinet that they got at the ReStore and modified it so it could be used as an art gallery. It helps that the portion they used was a corner cabinet which added a little bit more room to the structure.

“My husband and my son were the ones that physically made the gallery … but yes it’s just an old IKEA-style cabinet,” says Pohl.

The gallery opened in late October and at first, Pohl was skeptical about how effective the gallery would be, but the reaction has turned out to be great.

“When we first launched it, I thought ‘I am not sure if people will be interested in this … who knows?’ I made a couple of posts on some neighborhood Facebook pages and the response has been incredible!”


You also do not need to be an established artist to contribute to the gallery. Art from children or adults is welcomed. As Pohl says, “Everything is welcome ... it’s just super fun. We want anyone of any skill set to be able to participate!”

If there is something in the gallery that you like, you can take the item home and perhaps leave one of your own creations for someone else to enjoy and make part of their home décor.

The Little Art Gallery is on Beechwood Place in Norwood Flats.