Supplies are running dangerously low at Agape Table as they continue to see record amounts of people using their services. 

Last week alone, Agape Table served 4,162 meals in just five days. 

"It's a bit crazy right now," said Jim Steep, executive director of Agape Table. "We're getting through it, and we're feeding everybody, but the numbers are up over 800 a day and it just keeps going up."

In 2019, Jim says they were serving 85,000 guests. Last year, that number almost doubled with over 155,000 people being served. He says he expects that number to be even higher this year. 

Jim says part of the reason Agape Table is seeing such an increase is due to tough economic times.  

"Money just doesn't go as far these days," Steep explained. 

Although they've been getting by, Jim says they are in desperate need of several items. 

"The biggest needs are sandwich fillings such as luncheon meats or tuna. Anything that can go in a sandwich would be the number one thing," said Jim. "Anything like fruit, granola bars, yogurt and water would help."

Some other items they could use include, saran wrap, soup bowls, lids, spoons and paper bags. 

"That's a big expense to Agape table. That's over $50,000 a year just for that sort of thing. Anything like that would help for sure." 

Anyone interested in donating is encouraged to contact Agape Table at 204-783-6369.