Pumpkins sitting on the stairs of Winnipeg homes over the past few weeks have gained a second lease on life.  

Over the weekend, several people made their way to CF Polo Park to take part in the 3rd Annual Pumpkin Drop. A fun way to turn rotting pumpkins into compost

"Of the 80,000 tonnes of pumpkins produced in Canada, 66% are sold to consumers; often used for carving and are never eaten. Without intervention, this is an immense amount of organic waste destined for the landfill!" said Compost Winnipeg in a post on social media.

Participants in the 3rd Annual Pumpkin Drop were invited to drop pumpkins from the second level of the parkade into a collection truck set up by Compost Winnipeg. 

Last year, 1176 people dropped their pumpkins. They also raised $442.00 for compost collection service at Bruce Oake Recovery Centre. Since then, they have diverted over $15,000 kg of organics since July 2022.

This year, they received 1,650 pumpkins from 729 visitors.