The Winnipeg Airport Authority is offering tips to people and families travelling by plane this holiday season. 

"The days leading up to the holidays are typically one of our busier times," says Michel Rosset, the Communications Manager with the Winnipeg Airport Authority (WAA). "December 22 and 23 are going to be our busiest days."

Rosset shares that Winnipeg Richardson International Airport is expecting to see roughly 12,000 people coming through each of those days. 

Tips for a Great Flight during the Christmas Season

1. Arrive Early

"A good thing to keep in mind is to arrive early. Come to the airport two hours early for domestic flights and three hours if you're jetting off to an international or U.S. destination."

2. Pack Snacks

For families who are travelling with a child or children, packing some snacks are a great way to keep everyone happy. Rosset reminds families to check CATSA's website first as some foods aren't allowed. 

3. Wrap Gifts Later

"A lot of people are busy this week buying gifts last minute this week. It's advised that you don't wrap your presents and put them into your bag because there's a chance security will have to open them up."

The great news is that for people who pack presents in their carry-on, there is a self-serve wrapping station after security to wrap those gifts before getting on the plane.

4. For International Travel

Rosset says if you're travelling outside of Canada, do your homework and check to see if you meet all the requirements that you're travelling to. If a country requires a COVID-19 test, there is a testing site at the airport.