Born in France, guitarist Thibault Cauvin has been on a non-stop world tour for the last several years. He is in Winnipeg to perform Thursday night but he stopped by the Classic 107 studio first!

To see him perform live in Winnipeg you can get your tickets at The Winnipeg Classical Guitar Society or by phoning 204-667-5250

Thibault Cauvin is one of the most talented, charismatic and sought-after guitarists in the world today. Having embarked on a endless tour ten years ago, taking him to more than one hundred twenty countries, he continues to perform as soloist on the most prestigious stages: New York Carnegie Hall, Shanghai Opera, Moscow Tchaikowski Hall, London Wigmore Hall, Hong Kong Opera, Paris Théâtre des Champs Elysées, Munich Geistag, among others.

This week he released his 7th album "Le voyage d'Albéniz". This recording follows his critically acclaimed "Danse avec Scarlatti", album which is now available in many countries as well as in several compilations "best of 2013".

Coming from a family of musicians, Thibault began to learn the guitar with his father, at the age of six. After a brilliant education at the conservatories of Bordeaux and Paris, Thibault entered the international competitions circuit. At the age of twenty, he was the first and only guitarist worldwide to win thirteen international first prizes. This unique accomplishment, at such a young age, made his "endless tour" started, which counts today over 1000 concerts.

If you missed Thibault's interview on Morning Light with host Michael Wolch, listen here! Thibault started by performing live in the studio.



Watch Thibault perform below.