paso dragon fact sheet

April was a month of freezing and thawing that saw the roads here in Winnipeg turn into pot-hole obstacle courses. Hopefully this month of May will be considerably warmer and we will actually be able to get outside and enjoy a nice steak on the barbeque…with perhaps a little wine.

George Andrews, owner of G.J. Andrews Food and Wine Shoppe at 384 Academy Road, stopped by our Classic 107 Studios to tell us about his wine selection for this month of May.

He has selected a tasty Cabernet Sauvignon from the Paso Rosles winery, which is located in the hills northwest of Lake Nacimiento in California. Lake Nacimiento when viewed from the air looks like a dragon, and it is for this reason they have named their Cabernet Sauvignon-- Paso Dragon.

The Paso Dragon Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 is a full bodied wine, with hints of oak, black cherry, black current and blackberry, there are also aromas of licorice and toasted marshmallow that come from the fine oak barrels that the wine is stored in.

This is the perfect wine for steaks and burgers. Put a nice rib-eye steak on the barbeque and pair it up with the 2018 Paso Dragon, and let the chaos of the day-to-day grind float away as you enjoy this easy to drink wine alongside a nice steak.

For vegetarians, the 2018 Paso Dragon goes very well with veggie-burgers, and sish kabobs grilled on the barbeque. Throw in some French brie or a seven or eight year old cheddar simply enjoy the spring evening out on the patio.

Pick up a bottle of the 2018 Paso Dragon, and steak or one of the many different kinds of burgers they have at G.J. Andrews Food and Wine Shoppe at 384 Academy Road. They have everything you need to help you get the most of a May evening in Winnipeg.