ciro 2018

The first Wednesday of March is here, and that means it was time for George Andrews from G.J. Andrews Food and Wine shop to stop by our Classic 107 Studios to talk about his wine selection for the month of March.

One of George Andrew’s mantras for the shop is “Life is too Short not to eat well.” This pairs up nicely with the old adage "Life s too short to drink bad wine.” And for this month of March George has selected a very tasty wine from the Calabria wine region of southern Italy.

Made from the Gaglioppo variety of wine grape, the 2018 Cirò is a perfect partner to any pasta meal. George describes the wine as, “A very nice medium bodied wine. It has nice flavors to it, such as dark raspberry, red berry, dry wild herbs…there is a little bit of smoky flavors and really nice tannins to it.”

This wine will compliment any pasta dinner and help bring out the flavors of both the pasta sauce and the wine itself. This is a wine that also works well with charcuterie platters: in particular platters that consist of salty meats such as proscuiutto ham, prosciutto salami, and copocollo. Asiago, parmesan and parmigiano-reggiano cheeses can be paired up with the meat on the platter. Add the 2018 Cirò to this platter, and you have the trifecta of amazing flavors for any lazy Sunday afternoon grazing, perhaps in front of the television or relaxing on the porch.

Pick up a bottle of the 2018 Cirò and perhaps some pasta and sauce at G.J. Andrews Food and Wine Shoppe at 384 Academy Road, and enjoy a life of good food and good wine!