Volunteers continue a desperate search for a Winnipeg senior missing for two weeks, while his family is raising questions about why Silver Alerts are not sent out more like Amber Alerts.

Earl Moberg, 81, was first reported missing on Dec. 12. The retired teacher has dementia but was still able to live at home under the care of his wife and home-care. 

His daughter, Britt Moberg, says that her mother went out that afternoon while a home-care worker took care of her husband, and that she'd spoken with him on the phone, telling him she'd be home at 5:30 p.m.

However, when his wife returned home, Earl was nowhere to be found and the tracking device he wears was at home. 

"I think what's going on with him is the worst nightmare for anyone who has a loved one with dementia," Britt told the Canadian Press.

"We try to build all sorts of scenarios as to how he might possibly still be alive, but he hasn't been found."

The Bear Clan Patrol has been assisting the family in searching for him.

Britt told the Canadian press that it's frustrating that Silver Alerts aren't sent out to mobile phones the way Amber Alerts for children are, adding she believes people likely drove or walked past her dad in the hours after he was reported missing but didn't know to look for him.

Sharing news stories online about her missing dad has also been a challenge, as Facebook in Canada doesn't allow news stories to be shared due to parent company Meta's dispute with Ottawa over the Online News Act.

Britt says the family is grateful for the volunteers who have been assisting in the search.